Tuesday 17 November 2009

Tag... I'm It!

Right.... from what I can make out, L'armadio del delitto tagged Lisa who tagged Suzie who tagged Chocolate Girl who tagged Mondo who tagged..... ME! I think it goes back much further than that too, but alas my Italian is not good, so unfortunately I was unable to make out who tagged L'armadio del delitto!

The rules seem simple enough....

1. You have to post a song that makes you happy.

2. You then tag another blogger... as many people as you want, but I'm guessing it has to be at least one!

3. You say at least one thing about each blog that you tag, that will make them smile, something nice about their blog that makes you smile when you read it!

So here goes...

1. I've not taken this lightly! I've been thinking long and hard about songs that actually do make me smile, and no matter what I think of, it keeps coming back to this one. One of my Top 3 all time favourite films is Swingers. It has everything for me, it's beautifully written, was made on a shoestring budget and sheer determination, has a wonderful cast (although all complete 'unknowns' at the time), AMAZING dialogue, and is genuinely funny and heartwarming. It's one of those films that you never want to end. There is a beautiful final scene that never fails to leave me with the biggest smile on my face, and as the picture fades this tune kicks in...

Bobby Darin - I'm Beginning To See The Light

So, on the face of it, not a particularly 'funny' song, but I'm always happy and smiley when I hit the point in the film where it starts... and because of those fond memories, I find myself smiling anytime I hear it around... I mean, look.. I'm smiling right now!

2 & 3. I'm tagging Dan over at The Blog of Eternal Disappointment and I Should Be Working over at, erm, I Should Be Working!

I'm cheating slightly, and using the same reason for both... I just love the use of the English language that these two have, and their ability to make the most ordinary story into the most funny, riveting and enjoyable reads.... (Dan also knows a thing or two about bacon.... ). Gawd bless 'em both!



Kolley Kibber said...

Wow, Piley, thanks! I'll do my best to come up with something half decent.

Dan said...

Piley, you are a scholar and a gentleman, despite your regular attempts at sending me off the deep end via the magic of blog comments.

It's almost like you want me to reach such levels of impotent anger that I will either suffer a fatal haemorrhage or simply explode in a shower of semi-digested pies and dark, evil-smelling bile.

I'm touched by your gesture. It's genuinely very much appreciated, Sir.

Piley said...

Look forward to hearing both of your tunes!!!

Dan... i'm sorry - is it my fault that you can't see that Mr Cage's Wicker Man was amazing??!! Anyway, must dash, gotta watch that all time classic 'Get Carter'... i do so love Sly. Alright, i'll stop!


phsend said...

I think I must be one of the very few people who didn't absolutely hate The Wicker Man remake.

Watched on its own terms, it wasn't that bad a movie.

I love the original, which makes it even more strange as most people who love the original loathe the remake.

Watched the Donnie Darko sequel last week, despite some nice visuals at the end...pretty forgettable and really not worth the 50p I paid for it!!

Mondo said...

I was expecting it to be a cover of the VU tune..