Friday, 4 September 2009

Podrophenia - Show 3!

Last Thursday evening, Planet Mondo and I got together again to record our third Podrophenia podcast. We decided it was about time to drop in a funky edition, but this one has a twist.... so why not have a listen to 'Surprisingly Funky'! 10 super-cool funky tunes from 10 artists you perhaps wouldn't be expecting.

In case you fancy playing along at home, we don't mention who the artists are until after we've played each song. So why not have a go at trying to spot who some of them are! Let us know how many you got right (and no cheatin'!).
Amongst the acts serving up a portion of quality grooves for you this time round are an artist who started their singing career in 1934, two genuine all time rock greats, a talent show winner, a 70's rock outfit, a bona-fide goddess, some kings of the syrupy ballad and a Kermit the frog look-a-likey! On top of all this is another load of unscripted bumbling waffle from Mondo and me!

This podcast is now only available as an iTunes download. You can grab this and every other Podrophenia show for free here:  Podrophenia on iTunes




Heff said...

For your next Podcast, may I recommend a potentially interesting topic ?

"Magic Ship Behind The Scenes : What REALLY Hppened."

Planet Mondo said...

Col has deleted his Facebook profile and blog - wonder if Magic Ship are will remove any C word credits from the new album?

Istvanski said...

Have downloaded from Mondo's site. The second one was a belter - enjoyed it mucho, ta.

Piley said...

Heff - we'll be sure to include that one in our new pcoming 'Mystery Hour' podcast... UFOs, Loch Ness Monster and Colin Gillman are in show 1 ;-)

Mondo - yeah, Col's myspace page has gone too.

Ist - cool! let us know what you think fella!


marmiteboy said...

More excellent tunes Mr P. Loved the Peters and Lee track. I always thought that leenie Peters was a fine vocalist.

Love the banter too.

Axe Victim said...

Not quite as good as the early work lads. You've still a long way to go to beat the master at his own game.

Piley said...

Marmite - cheers Fella... Yeah, I think ol Lennie just fell in with the wrong crowd you know. Pity he didn't find drink and drugs and then a better outlet for his voive eh??

Axe - Man you's a tough task master! We thought it was our best one yet!!! Talking of the 'master' where do he hang out these days, and where can one get the links to those not all completely downloaded yet radio shows??


Axe Victim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I've finally found time to sit down and listen to this. I've been really sad and written down some thing about each track off the top of my head as i listened here goes......
1. Commodores , i've got this , great tune i do like a few of their slow songs too , Easy is great (Faith No More covered it too).
2.Jagger, brilliant , great band too , must get this. Excellent.
4.This was a surprise and ok but i found the noises in the back ground
a bit off putting.
5.Superb bit of Ella (her one in last podcast was good too), not funky to my ears more gospel / spiritual, corker.
6.Donovan / Jeff Beck Group , i've got this and like it although the constant repeat of the title does grate on me after a fashion ( i don't know any Carslakes Mondo you cheeky f**ker :-).
7. You've played me this before P , what a corker and a real shock too , every thing else they did was doo doo.
8. Sweet rule , great track they did another couple of good funk / rock work outs too.
9. Ooooo no , pants , awful.
10. No bad but Elv was on the way out here.

Good stuff guys , really enjoyed it, some killer tunes and banter.


Mondo said...

I was sure you'd know the Karslakes Carl as you and Piley were at the same school. Funnily enough I bumped into my mate Whitlow in Hadleigh on Saturday, and he remembered the Ron Wood incident Jo and Liz

Anonymous said...

I wish i had known Jo Mondo , i think she's a cracker and Ronnie Wood must be mad to leave her mate . So many names and faces fade over the years don't they?. I may have known one of em if they were at KJ the same time as me.


Piley said...

Carl - not sad in the slightest, I really appreciate you taking the time and trouble to comment like that, it's brilliant. 8 out of 10 can't be bad!! Shame the 2 tracks you reckon were dodgy were both my ones! never mind, try harder next time... think we have a very special show brewing for the next one, but can't say owt at the mo.


Anonymous said...

Ooops sorry P i didn't mean to knock your ones dude, they were both a bit cheesy for me lol :-). If you ever re visit funk territory and fancy a guest let me know i have a few funky thangs of my owm :-).


Axe Fm said...

Axe Fm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Piley said...

Carl - no probs fella... but do it again and you'll be proppin up the new flyover at Saddlers Farm ;-)

Axe - a man of few words!


AXE FM Radio Download Hour said...

I'm back Jackson. Come get what you missed last time.

Piley said...

Axe - a man of slightly more words ;-) I'm on it dude!

Valentine Suicide said...

Really enjoyed number three Piley. As usual you and the other fella provided some excellent banter and music to get me through a grueling gym session. Keep 'em coming.

Piley said...

thanks VS - really pleased you enjoyed it, and also for taking the trouble to let me know. Another is on the cards and should be available before too long!


kiloscott said...

Fellas, come on, the Commodores "Machine Gun" is a shameless theft of Billy Preston's "Outa Space."

Don't they teach that over there in Funk 101?

Just catching up with these. Some of the links no longer work, however.


Piley said...

Cheers KS!

All still available over on iTunes. We lost a load of files in the big divshare crash last year. Must up them again tho. Thanks for listening, glad you are enjoying!

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