Monday 23 November 2009

Podrophenia - Show 6... Size!

Can it really be that time again already??! I'm afraid so!! Mondo and I are back with our 6th Podrophenia Podcast, which this time round has the theme of 'Size'. As well as 10 'gigantically compact' tracks, there's all the usual old unscripted 'small' talk inbetween... including a few 'huge' stories, 'tall' tales a 'big' competition and some 'tiny' oddities.... and somehow all of the people in this montage are intrinsically linked in the next 60 minutes!!

The next show will be an end of year, Christmas special, so do please drop us a line if you have any Christmas stories from years gone by... awful prezzies, thongs going wrong etc etc



This podcast is now only available as an iTunes download. You can grab this and every other Podrophenia show for free here:  Podrophenia on iTunes




Kolley Kibber said...

Hoorah! Mine's ready and waiting on my iPod, and I shall listen tomorrow.

Hope you had a good birthday!

Martin said...

Everytime I listen to one of these I wonder how you're going to keep up the standard for the next one. For me this was probably the funniest one so far. I must remember not to listen to them in the car in future though, as I nearly drove into the back of another one while I was laughing. Never been a massive fan of Adam and The Ants but have to say the opening track was a stormer. Hope Mondo enjoyed his hat while listening to Big Ten Inch. As for Cynthia's models, how about introducing a new range of shampoo, conditioner or tooth paste dispensers.

Piley said...

Great stuff ISBW!! Hope you like it... let us know eh??

Martin - Blimey! Well after the moody halloween one, we were overdue a laugh... but do try not to crash as a result, we can't afford to lose any customers! Glad you liked it anyway, and yes that Ants track is a belter (but i AM a fan!). Look forward to the Jimi Hendrix toothpaste tube, the toothpaste that'll never run out...


Mondo said...

I've been thinking she could expand into kitchen bits 'Cockware' perhaps

Jelly Molds, cookie cutters, the Robert Plant 'Lemon Squeezer'

Someone gave me the tip off about this today ~ best not too look if you're a sensitive soul, although can't imagine there's too many of them reading this..

Piley said...

I've just been to Lakeland today funny enough, and noticed that there was something missing in their display... I'll mail head office in the morning.

I notice there are, a-hem, gals bits for sale too on her site... cake tins and more jelly moulds i assume Mr M??!


Cocktails said...

I am worried that Cynthia P is becoming an unhealthy obsession for you two...

PS Loved the orchestral Sparks!

Axe Victim said...

Nice oe nlads. When do we get an update on the Acton tapes P?

Piley said...

Cocktails... Hmm, an unhealthy obsession for one of us (clue, it's not me!!!). Glad you liked that Sparks track, thought it's be more interesting that dropping in the version everyone knows a little too well!

Axe - Good to hear from you old boy! The tapes are all done fella... they didn't turn out to be what we were quite expecting, but they turned out great none the less. There's something I have to do before I can do that final post and up some tunes tho. Keep watching this space, I hope to have it all done n dusted before Crimbo!


Dan said...

Without a doubt your finest podcast yet. Absolutely loved it!

I was intrigued to hear the Rolf Harris story, purely because it bore no resemblance whatsoever to the one that I originally told you. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next!

If I provide you with some more true stories, could you spice them up for me in the same manner? Cheers!


Piley said...

Glad you liked it Dan, and Whoops on the Rolf story! I think they call it 'poetic licence'?? others call it not bothering to listen properly when someone tells you a story. I'll take either... Bet mine was better tho eh?!! Feel free to adopt it!