Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Back in May I saw the excellent Seasiders perform at the old bandstand in Priory park, Southend. I saw them again a couple of weeks back at the Leigh Folk Festival for another slice of their 'gor blimey', honest to goodness, end of the pier malarkey! These guys really know how to put on a show...

Things to love about the Seasiders:

- They are incredibly talented musicians, who can bang out a memorable tune like Tubby Issacs dishes out jellied eels...

- A hardworking band who take every opportunity to play... From their monthly residency at the Camden Eye in London, to local venue and events, to church fetes... if there's a chance to play they take it. Keyboard player Dave woodcock even manages to shoehorn in solo gigs around these too, including a residency at the Sun Rooms in Southend every Wednesday!

- A rare ability to appeal to all generations, from indie kids to pensioners, and everything in between! They have built up an impressive following around town.

The gig at the Leigh Folk Fest was a fabulously quirky affair. Any and everything becomes a venue or stage in the old fishing village.... The Seasiders literally commandeered a house! (a large house I'll grant you - the old Custom House - but one that the sister of a friend used to live in a few years back). The double doors were flung open, and the band played from the doorway! It was a riotous show, and I guess one that brought a whole new meaning to the phrase 'it was just like they were playing in your front room'!

Musically they can sound like anything from The Kinks, The Small Faces and Blur... via a detour through Jerry Lee Lewis and a Cockney knees-up courtesy of Chas n Dave! Both Live and on CD, this band are guaranteed to get your foot tapping and your mouth smiling....

Podrophenia - Show 17... Cover Versions, Volume III

Back on the 31st of May, Podrophenia made a huge, and rather unexpected leap from monthly(ish) podcast, to weekly live radio broadcast, courtesy of the good people at S6 Radio! 5 weeks on, we haven't been given the boot... yet!

Mondo and I are delighted that so many of you have made it across to listen in live, but appreciate that a rigid radio time slot (with no 'listen again' facility as yet) is not as convenient to everyone as podcasting. So we are attempting to make our own recordings of the live shows, to continue with the podcasting option for those who can't tune in live.

Our first radio show is now available to download, and for continuity we are carrying on with the original show numbering. So Show 17 is yet another run out for Cover Versions! As this was the theme of our very first podcast, we though it appropriate to return to that for the inaugural radio show.

Tune in for 10 songs you know, but perhaps not quite as you've heard 'em before. Piley's newsround returns, and there's still all the inane banter! So if you missed it at the time, a chance to catch up... or if you did tune in, a chance for masochists to listen again!

These radio show downloads will be iTunes only. All previous podcasts are still available too (all free). Grab what you fancy here:  Podrophenia on iTunes


Listen in live to Podrophenia on Tuesdays 9pm until 10.30 (GMT) on S6 Radio here: S6 Radio

The Official Podrophenia Facebook page: Podrophenia on Facebook

Radio Podrophenia - 31st May 2011


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Radio Podrophenia - Show 1!

Thanks to everyone who listened to our very first radio Podrophenia last night... and special thanks for all of you who took the time to send messages into the studio - over 50 received in an hour!

We had the odd blip and mishap here & there, but it wouldn't be Podrophenia without a bit of that!On the whole, I think we came out very pleased (and not a little relieved) with how it went.

I was full of good intentions, and the plan was to take loads of pictures throughout the show to capture our first radio show... As it was, we were so full on, I didn't take one! Here are 3 I took just after we went off air. Apologies for the rather shiny look... it is incredibly hot in that studio!

Hope you'll join us again next Tuesday for Show 2 'Numbers'.