Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Radio Podrophenia - Show 1!

Thanks to everyone who listened to our very first radio Podrophenia last night... and special thanks for all of you who took the time to send messages into the studio - over 50 received in an hour!

We had the odd blip and mishap here & there, but it wouldn't be Podrophenia without a bit of that!On the whole, I think we came out very pleased (and not a little relieved) with how it went.

I was full of good intentions, and the plan was to take loads of pictures throughout the show to capture our first radio show... As it was, we were so full on, I didn't take one! Here are 3 I took just after we went off air. Apologies for the rather shiny look... it is incredibly hot in that studio!

Hope you'll join us again next Tuesday for Show 2 'Numbers'.



Cocktails said...

Excellent show and even though I managed to miss the first half hour I still got to hear Podrophenia faves The Wolfmen and Marc Almond. Plus Newsround and a plug for Silvery. I hope that you'll be squeezing in WoodWatch and Divine Comedy next week?!

Must be great using a 'proper' studio too. Did you have to do a crash course in panelling?

E F RICE said...

Well I will be honest enough to say I never listened to a full Podrophenia, I picked up bits and pieces but for some reason I Tunes download took ages ! So with some fear I logged in to hear you both and felt really nervous as your good mates and I felt like I was your parent watching a performance !

The show was excellent, light hearted and extremely natural in my opinion. The cover versions went all over the place with the Wolfmen and Shatner efforts my own personal favourites.

I wish you my sincere best for the future shows and as long as I have access to the laptop I will tap in ! The message board was really good fun and I couldn't resist a Mae West dig, you got to expect a bit of stick in show biz eh !!??

PS - Poor suggestions for next week .... Undertones 'You've Got My Number', Tennessee Ernie Ford 'Sixteen Tons' Gary Glitter 'Rock and Roll Part 1' ...maybe not eh ...!

Mondo said...

Thanks both - glad you enjoyed it. 'panelling'? - we had a twenty minute run through of what to press (and not to press) - and a five minute hands on dummy run through last Saturday. So in at the deep end with no arm bands Cocktails..

Now you've broken your poddy cherry EF you can catch up on our back catalogue take-aways..The Undertones could be a goody I always liked that..

Piley said...

Aw, thanks Cocktails... How could we not get the Wolfies and Marc in somehow too!! Always looking to play the DC card, but my opponents are many! As i see it though, the slates wiped clean now, so I'm sure I can drop one in soonish! As Mondo has already implied, we were more than a little 'winging it'!

EF - Really appreciate your comments, thank you. YOU felt nervous??!!! Worse bit was with about 1 or 2 minutes to go, but have to say once it kicked off, it was like a runaway train, with no time to worry! Keeping an eye on the clock was the toughie, something we've never had to worry about before. Must take up Mondo's idea of a 'belter' or 'stomper' stamp (or sound effect!). Shatner would definitely have got one. Great version isn't it?

For me, having the interaction with the listeners was the really big bonus, brilliant to get that instant feedback (e.g. Ray Reardon replies within seconds!). Really added to the spirit of the thing, and great to know people are listening an contributing. Look forward to you tuning in again next week!


marmiteboy said...

It was great fun, as usual and I loved the banter between you. It sounded as natural as it does on the podcast but that is probably as the podcast is done as live.

Can't wait for the next show and you can guarantee I'll be sending in comments to the studio.

Brilliant stuff lads.

Martin said...

Finally managed to find a network and got online for about the last 20 minutes. Sounded good to me. Looking forward to hearing all the next one where I guess you'll be going for it big time with Quo's Forty Five Hundred Times?