Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Podrophenia goes weekly and LIVE as of tonight!

Well if you haven't already picked up the news, a final shout out that the lovely people over at S6 Radio have asked Mondo and I to do a weekly live radio version of our Podrophenia show... It'll be much like podcasting, but without a safety net!

We start our run tonight, 31st May, from 9 till 10pm. We'd be delighted if you'd pop by for a listen. Just go to http://www.s6radio.co.uk/ and click on the player. We also have a page on their 'presenters' section, if you fancy a peep.
There is a comments box on the website where you can leave a message - these come up on a screen in the studio, so please do drop us a line during the show.
Hope you can make it for the inaugural flight of Radio Podrophenia!!


Listen to S6 Radio here: S6 Radio

The Official Podrophenia Facebook page: Podrophenia on Facebook

Every Podrophenia podcast is still available (for free) on iTunes: Podrophenia on iTunes



Cocktails said...

Wow! Congratulations! At last, fame rightfully beckons. I shall try and tune in tonight.

John Medd said...

Break a leg young Piley!

From all at Medd Towers

Piley said...

Hi Cocktails, many thanks. Oddly was only wondering about your goodself and blog last night. Good to hear from you - hope we've not seen the last of your musings?

Ta JM - Hope it's OKish!


Anonymous said...

Tuned in as I type.
Nice work you two, its about time all the work and effort you put into your blogs and pods paid off.

John Devlin said...

Thoroughly enjoying the show chaps!! Top top stuff. That Wolfmen song is a bit special - was it on the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack? Sounds familiar. Thanks for the namecheck by the way!

Kolley Kibber said...

Well done, both. I didn't hear the whole thing, but from what I did get, you sounded like you'd been doing it all your lives!

Be nice if you could maybe both sing a little song at the end, like Eric and Ernie, or Andy Williams...

Cocktails said...

Ah yes, still around. Its been a difficult few months of illness, work stress, family crisis and computer breakdown. However, now I'm just feeling unmotivated and lazy. Hmmm, waiting for the inspiration to hit...

Piley said...

JJ - thank you kindly, hope you enjoyed it!

JD - thanks for tuning in chap, much appreciated. Mondo is ya Wolfies expert, but pretty sure it's not old enough to have been on the VG soundtrack.

ISBW - Many thanks, glad it sounded ok. A 'night night' signing off tune eh? We'll work on it!

Cocktails - sorry to hear you've been going through it of late. No surprise that the blog took a back seat. Hope you'll be back up and running at some point. You and Dan are 'neck n neck' on my blog role!