Friday, 27 May 2011

Podrophenia - Show 16... Holidays

Here we are again campers, climb aboard for the Podrophenia 'works beano', and have a listen to our Holiday Special. I hope you've packed your Speedos, sun-cream and sun-glasses....

There's plenty of holiday stories (mostly disasters), Piley's Newsround and even a bit of Wood-Watch! Plus all 10 tunes come courtesy of ccompletely new artists to Podrophenia. What's not to like?!

There's also an exciting development about future shows...

If you've got your boarding pass, you can download straight away Here: Podrophenia 16 - Holidays

Or Play Here

Or pick it up from iTunes Here (along with all previous shows): Podrophenia on iTunes

1 comment:

phsend said...

Laugh out loud funny as usual lads but sure you played the Sandy Shore (sic) cover of Reviewing the Situation before? Looking forward to tuning in live on Tuesday!