Monday 28 February 2011

The Piley Diary: February 1977

Well, we only started this feature last month, but already we are at the penultimate month of my 1977 diary (what a five minute wonder that was!).

Alas, no more news on my attempt to build a model of Big Ben out of matchsticks, neither is there any update on how the new school meal regime is panning out... we can but only guess. But on the plus side, more mentions of Batman, Swap Shop, Arsenal, Sunday Gang and pianos!

Last month I went for edited highlights, but this month you can have the whole bloody lot!



Kolley Kibber said...

You painted the walls and ceiling of Pitsea Market? Bloody hell, did they send you up chimneys as well?

Mondo said...

Lot of telly watching going on - although I was just as bad and watching the same ol' stuff..

Never knew you were a pianist P. Do you still have a tinker/tinkle?

John Medd said...

Train it to the Design Centre then? Car still in dock? Dit it ever pass MOT or did Piley Snr. chop it in? This is real life drama at its best!

Anonymous said...

60p extra pocket money! can you imagine handing that to your boy in a few years? 'don't spend it all at once son'.
Nice to see you were a good lad helping mum and dad.
Also glad you exposed the day that never was!!!

phsend said...

Got new piano :)
Broke new piano :(
Mended new piano :)

Love it!!!!

Martin said...

I was encouraged to see comments for feb 25th. I think I may have a job for you in the near future.

Piley said...

ISBW - yes, it was a tough time back in the 70's. Pitsea market would have still been under those huge domes at that point too. Back breaking!

Mondo - had lessons for a good couple of years or so, then gave up at about 12, when I wanted to spent free time with my mates rather than on the 'jo'. My parents said i'd regret it, and you know what? I really really do.

JM - I know, I know, gripping isn't it?! Can't remember, but wouldn't mind betting we drove up to Barking and tubed in. My old man could only afford old bangers in those days, and they were always going wrong\failing MOTs.

JJ - I clearly remember that my comics were 8p a go at that point. Comics were such a big part of my life then (still are!), so I guess 60p was a result back then, and I bet I just bought a few more comics with it (so many to pick from back then)

PH - No, no Sir! NOWHERE does it say it was a 'new' piano! It was a very old piano, and came from someone in the family. We knew it needed some treatment, and a few notes didn't work. It was good enough to do my lessons on, but then 'ol Ted sorted it out for me!

Martin - the way work is at the moment, I may take you up on it!


E F RICE said...

F**k me Piley ! Feb 26th and an entry noting Cheggers sang two songs on Swap Shop, how s**t was that ? I can't remember that edition ! Can you recall what he did ?

I have some questions for you next time we are down the pub .... Ted Heaney was a busy man as PHSEND has already noticed !

E F RICE said...

Just noticed Martin's comment for the 25th ! Martin may be fishing for new talent for our five a side football team on a Friday of course !!! I have had a very dodgy season......

Piley said...

Funny enough, I can't quite remember the songs 'ol Chegs sang, although with it being Feb 1977, I'd imagine it was a couple of punk classics and a trashing of the studio...

Look forward to the questions!!!


Coop said...

I think Cheggers sang TV Eye by the Stooges and Kick Out The Jams by the MC5 if memory serves me correctly. Check out Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 2 for punk, garage, R&B, rock and roll, trash, junk, exotica and more: