Monday, 7 March 2011

Podrophenia - Show 13: Covers II - Attack of the Clones

Unlucky for some (YOU mostly!), episode 13 of our Podrophenia podcast hits the virtual shelves today. This show is another 'cover version' special, a theme I think we will always periodically return to, as there is unlimited material.

This time round Mondo and I are joined by a special guest, Neil 'beardy' Beard from Pop Culture Care Package. It's an extended special too, so you get 33% more unscripted ramblings and nonsense... amongst which you can find out which music celeb resembles a face drawn on a slightly withered balloon, Which 1940's American actor hosted a 1990's British game show, which music stars could be cast in Last of the Summer Wine, and much more. There's also the very latest from Piley's Newsround desk....

Oh, and lets not forget those tunes... another 10 classics, all lovingly re-presented in the strangest of styles!
You can listen to it here:

download it here:
Podrophenia 13

or pick it up at iTunes here (along with all previous shows):
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John Medd said...

Nice one Piley! Hannon mines gold (again).

Kolley Kibber said...

Another fine piece of work. Though I sit in the Anti-Hannon camp. I realised within two bars what he was about to do to 'No-one Knows', so I fast-forwarded it but then felt disloyal to the Spirit of Podrophenia, and went back and forced myself to listen, through gritted ears, to the whole track. I hope you appreciate the sacrifice involved.

Loved your choice of 'sponsors' too - we used to dance round the room to that Ariston ad!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this Piley. Good banter (although at one point the three of you completely lost me when talking about writers / producers whatever !!!!!). I too sit in the anti Hannon camp (as you well know), i listened to the tune all the way through too, truly horrible the guy should be arrested for crimes against music LOL (sorry chap, to each their own :-).Thanks for the dedication too NOT :-)I had to fast forward the brass band track your mate picked tho, it annoyed me so much. There were a few stormers though. Very entertaining mate.


Piley said...

Cheers JM, glad someone is on my side! Actually, Dan from 'Blog of Eternal Disappointment' texted me as he was playing it to say he loved the DC track so much, he played it 3 times on the bounce, so not all bad!

Thanks for sticking with it ISBW - it seems to be very love\hate with the Hannon doesn't it??! I bet you ended up loving the song in the end!

Bit hit n miss then eh Carl?! Ah well, somes ya win, somes ya lose. At least you enjoyed the banter!


Martin said...

Still haven't managed to fidn time to listen to all of it but like the idea of having a guest. Seems to work well. Just need to find something to stop that violin riff off the Divine Comedy track bouncing round in my head.

Lawrence said...

Forgotten totally to say how much I enjoyed this (Unlucky for some as Peel would always say when doing the FF rundown), 13th episode. I thought Neil and hos sweary mouth were a great addition. I liked that it was a little longer too. I always find myself being disappointed when they end after an hour.

Highlight for me was when from nowhere Neil leaned into the microphone and bellowed Lou Beal! All the needles went into the red at that moment, and I still can't hear out of my left ear. Ha ha.

One thing that all three of you are terrible at though is being clear about just what the cover version is of. Piley you missed it totally with DC, and there were a few other moments where the message went awry. Maybe that's just in the spirit of the thing. Anyway top marks. Looking forward to the next one already.

Piley said...

Thanks Martin... hope you enjoy the rest of it!

Cheers Gary - glad you liked it. Yeah, we are getting bad at forgetting to mention the tracks, we are off in our own little world at times. Another show recorded this week, should be up next week.