Friday, 21 January 2011

Podrophenia - Show 12... Local Heroes

Mondo and I are back with our first Podrophenia podcast of 2011. The theme for this show is one we have talked about for a while... 'Local Heroes'. We got the map out, scrawled a 5 mile radius around Piley Towers and Mondo Manor using a blunt compus, and then pulled 10 tracks out from the selected area.

As well as the songs there's the usual old waffle, where amongst other things you can find out which celeb's brother (who in turn looks like another celeb!) runs a local shop, the confessions of a door-to-door video rental man, which celeb Mondo used to live next door to, and more....

You can listen to it here:

download it here:
Podrophenia 12

or pick it up at iTunes here:
Podrophenia on iTunes


Kolley Kibber said...

Excellent work. Loved the celeb stories, especially the one about the local nutjob 'currently doing seven years for GBH'. You brought Southend to life (though no Danielle Dax? Best looking woman to ever boast an SS1 postcode!).

And I listened to the WHOLE thing. I'm loyal, me.

Mondo said...

You know how we were saying how interconnected (or similar phrase) those local links are P? The Southend Rock pic you've used is one of Choco Girl's - yes her of the same college year as Dave Gahan

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this guys. Lots of familiar corkers Procal Harum (love that song so much), Dr Feelgood , Yazoo, The Records , all great tracks. Nice to hear some new bands too, (especially for little ol stuck in the past me). Horrors track was good, not my usual cup of tea but i liked that and the Baddies track was a rockin' corker , love it. The others were not bad either though i thought Depeche sounded well tinny. Good banter and local area stuff, i hope those listening from out side enjoy it. Good work chaps.


Anonymous said...

I knew i'd forget some thing, must mention the Crochet Doughnut Ring track, loved that too.


Piley said...

Pleased you enjoyed it ISBW. DD had crossed my mind actually, along with Anorexic Dread (anyone else remember them?!) and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly... Forgot to mention the lot!

Mond, thats amazing! Just, erm, borrowed it via a google images search. Sorry Choco!

Thanks Carl. Hope it hits the spot for people outside the area too. The Baddies are a cracking band. Saw them at Chinnerys in 2009 and were just incredible live. Their album is choc full of tracks like that.


Cocktails said...

Well, you know I'm a fan of the podcast (just listening to it today!) but I'm just as big a fan of the new Southend signage. Perhaps you should send a proposal to the Council - at least for twinning with the rocking town of Basildon!