Monday, 15 September 2008

Start The Revolution Without Me - The Comic Strip! Issue 3

I've not posted any of my comic strips for a while, so here are a couple more. As always, the same rules apply... doubleclick on the pictures to view them at their full size.

If you missed the previous ones, the first two strips are here, and the second two strips are here



Mondo said...

Did you ever see David Lynch's Angriest Dog In The World strips - same sorta style you might like 'em

Nazz Nomad said...

you mean no one dreams of being an office drone working in a glorified veal pen, spending the day in a stupified haze, waiting for the hammer to strike you dead and mercifully put you out of your misery?

i guess i was misinformed.

Anonymous said...

It's NEVER too late to change !!!!. Follow your dream's and kiss the office good bye (i hear there's good career opertunities in porn :-). I threw i few fucks into it and walked out of the office three years ago , Never went back !!!.


Piley said...

mondo - hard to read, but they look like they good be good... see what you mean.

Cheers Nazz... funny that eh??!

Carl - I always admired you doing what you did... is it really 3 years ago? Glad it worked out for ya.