Wednesday 3 September 2008

Sex Pistols - Live Review

The Sex Pistols Live at Hammersmith Apollo, 2nd September 2008

In January 1978, Johnny Rotten famously snarled "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" to a San Fransisco audience, who were watching the Sex Pistols explode before their very eyes...

When I went to see their very first re-form show (Finsbury Park, 1996), I was absolutely bricking it. The Pistols are just about my favourite band of all time, but the decision to go wasn't as straight forward as you might think. On the one hand, how could I miss the chance of actually seeing them live after all these years? but on the other, there was a real fear that it would be disappointing and soil my love for the band. It sounds stupid, but i was genuinely nervous about that gig. But in the end it was completely unfounded, and they put on a blistering show that night, everything I ever wanted and more. 20 years on, they still had the swagger, the anger and the attitude. So with memories of Finsbury Park and numerous reports of how good they were last year, I'd been lulled into a false sense of security about tonight's gig and hadn't even been worrying about it... mistake!

For an hour before the band arrive, a DJ is on stage playing toons to get the audience 'in the mood'. To be honest, someone may as well have just stuck a 'best-ist Punk album in the world.. EVER (honest)' type CD on, and saved the cost of the DJ, as just about every track was 'that' obvious. The band walk on to a rousing rendition of 'There'll always be an England' and launch straight into... erm.. a hoe-down style version of Pretty Vacant. It's obviously tongue in cheek, designed to fit in with the title of the tour (Combine Harvester), and maybe a couple of lines might have been vaguely funny... but after two verses and two choruses it wears very thin, and the little dance routines and 'yea-hars' are a bit embarrassing. I start to panic, Pretty Vacant is my favourite Pistols song... hell, it's my favourite song FULL STOP!! is this the only rendition I'm gonna get tonight?? Fortunately though, once the barn dance is (finally) over, they do at least play it again for real.

The setlist is a no-brainer, and includes pretty much everything you expect, but 4 or 5 songs in I notice I'm just starting to lose interest, and from what I'm seeing on stage, I don't think I'm the only one. This is a cash cow 'going thru the motions' gig if ever I saw one. Lydon is obviously bored of the whole thing, and unforgivably, is ruining a number of the songs. I always think of him having two singing voices... his angry snarl for the Pistols, and that high-pitched caterwauling that he introduced us to in Public Image Ltd. Unfortunately, he's decided to go for the caterwauling option for much of tonight, singing about 8 octaves too high, and much of it all on the same note! (think the chorus to PiL's 'The Flowers of Romance' and then substitute large chunks of 'Never Mind the Bollocks' into that!). The rest of the band try hard to recreate the power and sound of the originals, but Lydon's vocals undo much of their work.

The only members who's heart still seems to be in this are Cook and Matlock (no doubt the only two who really need the money too... coincidence?), Cook is as solid as ever behind the skins, and at least ensures that the unmistakable Pistols sound remains tight. Matlock too is ever the talented professional... to think they actually sacked him back in the day! Steve Jones looks about 20 stone and has lost much of his on-stage style and charisma (his cocky swagger now more a waddle). Surviving the gig seems to be his main priority tonight as he puffs and blows his way through the set, but his unmistakable chugging guitar sound still sets the hairs on your neck going...

As the show goes on, there is one other thing that really starts to niggle, and that's Lydon continually banging on about how 'great' Great Britain is. He's waving the George Cross flag and dropping his trousers to display his union jack pants... and in between songs he's continually telling us how wonderful us Brits are and what a great country England is... yeah John, that's why you n Jonesy have spent the last 20 years in LA mate...

When they come out for the encore, Lydon finally finds his Pistols voice, and gives us a fairly convincing 'Anarchy in the UK'. Yet incredibly this one is spoilt in other ways, as it's overly extended to lend itself to a bit of audience participation (kinda punk Butlins style). The gig finally splutters to a conclusion with two truly 'orrible cover versions... Hawkwinds 'Silver Machine' (WTF??!) and Road Runner. Road Runner is nowhere near the spit and bile of their original 70's version, it's an overlong cabaret routine and I make my exit during it (so I'm assuming it was the last number)... Always leave 'em wanting less!

Had I not seen how good the reformed Sex Pistols can be (I've just listened to the Finsbury Park Live CD twice whilst typing this review, and it still sounds incredible), maybe I wouldn't have been quite so disappointed. Lydon informed us that the band had "drunk Ireland Dry" the night before, and tonights show certainly had the feel of a hangover about it.

So in answer to the question he posed 30 years ago, yeah, finally I do feel a bit cheated John...


Good to meet up with Planet Mondo and Tronik Youth after the gig, and t'was Mr Tronik who took the crackin' photos of the show you see above. Cheers for letting me use em fella!

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Mondo said...

I can see what you mean about most of the wonky moments, and felt the sort of same 'must try harder' after the gig - - mainly about the singles which they must have played a million times before. However felt completly diff' on waking up this morning and was buzzing about it.

When they hit their stride last night, they were on fire for several tunes.(which is worth the price of admission for me - what other legendary bad can you still see live with the original line up.) There was no new tunes or 'nip to the bar' stuff to worry about - it's all classic after classic (apart from the covers).

And for all his puff and bluster, Rotten seem to be genuinely touched by the audience and being in London - which is possibly why he stayed on so long at the end, thanking everyone (you'd shot off by this point).

In their defence I'd guess the soundman was more hungover then they were as the live mix was a mess, the bass was way to loud, which knocked everything else was out of whack.

Having said all that - If they go out next year, I'll be back for tickets.

Piley said...

ta Mondo. Been thinking about it, n was wondering if the fact you were downstairs and we were up had anything to do with it? I'm sure you got more atmos down their... standing in a row of seats (and 5 miles back) always tends to make you a bit removed. All i could concentrate on was what I was watchin, as there was not a shred of atmosphere up there.


Mondo said...

Just founs a couple of youtube clips here.

and here.

Anonymous said...

Every time the Pistols have re formed i've boltled it and not gone through fear of a simular situation to what happened to Piley at Hammersmith. I should have gone to Finsbury Park where they played a blinder when they first got back together but i didn't and to be honest i dont really need to see em now. I like many others will never forget the impact they had on me but i'm happy with Bollocks and Filthy Lucre Live and B Sides selected tracks from Rock n Roll Swindle. They have now become just another band on the lucrative nostalgia circuit. Like Mondo points out it is the original line up so see em while ya can if you are that way inclined. They stood for something special and i think they are slightly starting to tarnish that now in some ways. There is rumour of a new album , fuck knows what it would sound like ?. Lydon likes to experiment , Jones has leaned towards heavy rock since The Professionals (an under rated band) and Matlock still does his tuneful punk thing (Cook is just sound as a pound) could either be the greatest or worst thing ever eh ???. One thing i will add though it was nothing to do with Mondo being down stairs and you being up Piley. It's just two different people experiencing the same gig in a different way. Shame it was a pisser for you mate. Carl.

Mondo said...

I've really got no problem about Pistols gigging for the money - The Damned, The Buzzcocks, The Stranglers, Weller are all out on the road and not just for the love of music, yet that doesn't raise an eyebrow

They are the Pistols are after all, and made such an impact on my life. If they wanna earn a few quid - good luck to them. And isn't it about time we started hearing more of 'em on the radio and TV.

ps - I think it did make a diff' being in the 'mosh pit'

Piley said...

Cheers all. Think I was just disapointed that they didn't do the songs justice, which I know they can. Have seen the Buzzcocks and the Damned lately and they are all older and fatter too (except Vanian.. incredible!), but are producing faithful renditions for their stuff - its what people want. I don't want a 'God Save The Queen' (or anything else) with experimental vocals, just coz JR is bored!! These songs are too precious to mess about with.

good debate tho!


Anonymous said...

Fair play if they are making people happy then it's cool. I just sometimes wish things could be left alone when they come to a natural end. But it seems nothing in Rock N Roll is sacred any more. The Pistols are there for those that want to see em and i'll vote with my wallet and stay away with the CD's :-). That said i did see the Buzzcocks when the original line up reformed and it was the f**king nuts. One things for sure guy's there will never be another band like Sex Pistols.

Anonymous said...

PS i meant to mention in my last bit above (that i forgot to put my bame to)that i do agree with Mondo about em earning some dollar after being ripped off for so long. They f**king deserve it. Carl

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a case of differing expectations. Possible moral of the story is 'don't expect anything and you'll never be disappointed. Anything more will be a bonus'

Piley said...

without a doubt anon - spot on. I was expecting great things after Finsbury and the reports from last year, where as Mondo had never seen them before and went in with a open mind. I do think me being upstairs didn't help, as it does tend to remove you from the atmos some what.