Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Podrophenia - Show 15... Royalty!

Never shy to get in on a bandwagon, Mondo and I are back with a special 'royal' Podrophenia podcast. But don't worry, we won't be gushing on about how lovely the bride looks, and "didn't the Queen mum have a lovely smile?".... It's just an excuse for us to churn out 10 'noble' tunes about (or by) Kings, Queens, Dukes n Princes.

In amongst the usual non-scripted waffle, there's some vagely royal news in Piley's newsround, you'll hear about street parties, naff commemorative items and we pin point the exact moment when Mondo went off the royals!

And something that's the nation has been wondering for some time now, just how flat is Mondo's head these days?!  A live experiment take place....
well it has to be said, it's still a remarkably flat surface...

but the whole bloody thing's on the tilt!

Oh and this album cover gets a mention... who he? He's not Johnny Rotten that's for sure.... but which band from the mid to late 80's (who both Piley & Mondo were obsessed with) was he in?

This cover is also mentioned in dispatches...

You can listen to it here:

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Baron Piley


Martin said...

Another hour of great music and banter + some more interesting facts. All this and the added bonus of Mondo throwing in the chords for the Bowie track for free. Any chance of 'learn a song with Mondo' becoming a new regular feature?

Piley said...

Great! ta very muchly Martin! Will put the 'learn with Mondo' request in for show 16!

We have a facebook page now where you can chip in with ideas, requests and ol nonsense (link in the sidebar over on the right). Pop over and demand guitar tabs!

Mondo said...

Great work on the pics P. I reckon Martin could be onto something there you know. Perhaps alternate News Round and New Song?

Anonymous said...

Downloaded to the pod and ready to go!
I'm still catching up but WILL get much to listen to, so little time.
In fact, an extra day per week purely to listen to pods, cd's, radio etc would be great.

phsend said...

Another great show it ok to prefer the banter to the music :) Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

Blimey! I wished I'd tucked into the shindig now, seeing as Piley reckons the "Queen's mum had a lovely smile".


Piley said...

Sing-a-long-a-Mondo??! It's gotta be a hit mate!

JJ - ohh, ta! Do please let us know what you think? We'll also start a campaign on the next show to get a new day snuck in the week!

PH - I couldn't possibly comment! Although I know there are other who fast forward the tunes... I was always expecting it to be the other way round.

Warble - She did though didn't she?! Sort of cross between (pre-straightened) Bowie and a graveyard??