Monday, 13 September 2010

Podrophenia - Show 10... Before They Were Famous

Can it really be nearly 6 months since Mondo and I recorded our last installment of Podrophenia?? Well, your luck was never going to hold out forever, and we're back (finally) with number ten!

The theme for this outing is 'Before They Were Famous'. A selection of original recordings that have largely been forgotten... all overtaken by successful cover versions that people now assume are the originals. As well as hearing 10 tunes during the hour, there's the very latest from the Podrophenia news desk, and find out which celeb has been ripping us off!

Here's just some of the musicians involved in the next hour (either directly or indirectly), and in keeping with the theme of the show, I've including young pictures of them all... before they were famous! Can you guess them all?

You can listen to it here:

Or download it here:
Podrophenia Show 10

You can also pick it up on iTunes here:
Podrophenia 10 on iTunes



John Medd said...

Will listen to it tonight Piley. BTW - your hall of fame picture gallery put me in mind of this: did you see the public information where David Bowie (circa Space Oddity) has the decimalization system explained to him?

Anonymous said...

Great pod yet again with a few good giggles thrown in!

Piley said...

ta John, let us know what you think huh? I admit the woman in the ad has similar hair, but surely there's more to it than that??!

Thanks JJ, hope our giggles gave you a giggle!


Kolley Kibber said...

That bloody lightening story did for me on the bus this evening. Laughing like a madwoman, oh dear....

Piley said...

oh dear, not good! Sorry about that! You'll have to get a different bus for a few days maybe??! Glad you liked it.. sort of!

Furtheron said...

Bowie (I think), Presley and Ronnie Wood - who is everywhere he's just been crushing small French hatchbacks with a monster truck on The One Show... now that's entertainment :-)

Not a clue on the others until I listen to the podcast and then I doubt it... :-)

Heff said...

Nice CodPast !

Piley said...

F-Ron - yeah, good effort. Full list was (from left to right):

Bowie, Madonna, Lennon, Elvis, Debbie Harry, a very young Ron Wood, Willie Nelson and Iggy Pop!

Why thank e Heff!


phsend said...

Really enjoyed this one guys. Kraftwerk always get the credit for being electopop pioneers but on this evidence it should really be Gershon Kingsley. I thought Al Jolson doing the Are You Lonesome Tonight speech bit made it sound comical, its pretty emotional when Elvis does it though.

Piley said...

Thanks PH... know what you mean about the Jolson speach, mind you it doesn't help that i've now got Mondo's image of Jolson being a big fat frog!

Think it's 'Sound-a-likeys' next, and a local special to follow after that.