Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Plant Lovers...

Be honest, when we were kids, who didn't want a tree house?? I bet this person did... and now they have one!

I spotted this house the other day whilst searching in vain for a parking space in the back roads of Southend. I wonder if it's a complete role reversal, and all the family are budged up in the greenhouse, whilst the plants and shrubs are slobbing out on the sofa with the Sky Plus remote?

These pictures really don't do the place justice! The rooms upstairs look like they must be jam packed to the rafter with shrubs, and they are all squashed up against the window gasping for a bit of space! Weird!



Heff said...

Holy SHIT at the foliage !!

Were people really living in there ?!?

Anonymous said...

That's what it looks like....Holy SHIT.


Furtheron said...

It's a front to hide the ganga factory behind ;-)

Martin said...

Looks like a pretty serious case of green fingers to me. Do you think the person that was asked to pop in and water the plants while they are away has started to get a bit suspicious yet?

John Medd said...

Rumour has it the Postman hasn't been seen for two years.

Mondo said...

Incredible - could I also add some other nutter domestic collectors to the list.

A house over Battlesbridge way with a garden populated by hand (and badly) painted gnomes.
A bungalow outside Moreton in the Marsh that keeps a collection of hub caps in the front garden

Do you you remember that place almost oppsite Shipwrights Drive - with a front and back garden packed with cars and car parts?

Anonymous said...

For the love of God what is going on in there??

Kolley Kibber said...

There's definitely hydroponics afoot under that roof.

I would have had to hang around outside until someone came out, just to see what they looked like. Anyone from the cast of 'Withnail and I' would fit the bill a treat.

Cocktails said...

Well, they've clearly got green fingers anyway. A bit too green, but, well, each to their own etc. etc.

PS Thanks for the link to the Daniel Clowes interview. He seems like a nice bloke - I REALLY see now what you missed out on.

Piley said...

Heff - this would have been a great one for a Floral Heff Friday me thinks! I can confirm that people are in there too yes! The curtains arn't being pulled of an evening, but then who needs curtains when you got wall-to-wall shrubs?!

Warble - Not keen? I think your place could looked great like this!

F-Ron - that may not be too far from the truth!

Martin - You need to see this place! I'm starting up a guided tour next week!

John - or the owners! Day of the Triffids or what?!

Mondo - I know the gnome house SO well!! Just a few yards from Rawreth cricket ground. Not sure they are still there now, but I used to love shaking my head every time I drove past!

Had forgotten the Shipwrights car breakers, but now you mention it, I remember it clearly. Mad!

Don't know the hub-cap place, but will add it to the list for a family day out one Sunday...

JnT - Gawd knows, I'd love to have a peep inside tho!!

ISBW - I'm obsessed with the place now, and I check it out daily... they probably think i'm casing the place up to rob it! Will be sure to post an update if I ever spy the owners.

Cocktails - Green everything by now surely??! fingers, hands, faces, walls, carpets... The place has to be seen to be believed, you really can't get a feel for just how much is in those top rooms!

Yeah, I was really disapointed re the Clowes bash. He's someone I'd actually wanted to meet for years, although never thought i'd ever get the chance. I get the chance and blow it :-(


Anonymous said...



Piley said...

it's even worse now Carl!! I may have to do a follow up soon, as the upstairs is now super crazy!! What a mad 'ol house