Friday, 24 July 2009

Podrophenia - Show 2!

firstly, apologies if I haven't replied to an e-mail, responded to your comment and\or commented on your blog lately... My PC was doing odd stuff last week, which culminated in a terminal 'blue-screen' last weekend. Several days of generally poking stuff with a screwdriver was little help, and it's now in with the professionals. I spoke to them today and it seems to have foxed them too! So, sorry for my enforced silence, it's nothin personal, honest!

I'm currently using the internet cafe at Chez Mondo (cheers PM, SORRY Mrs PM!), in order to bring you the second installment of our Podrophenia podcast.

More bumbling random ramblings from Mondo and me, plus an array of top toons to enjoy. The 'theme' for this show is 'Summer', enabling us to bring you ten sunny delights... sort of!

Would really appreciate any comments (good or bad!), plus why not let us know all the songs we SHOULDA included! Any ideas for future 'themes' are also always welcome.

Hopefully I'll be back on-line soon, in the meantime, enjoy the podcast!

This podcast is now only available as an iTunes download. You can grab this and every other Podrophenia show for free here:  Podrophenia on iTunes




Anonymous said...

Ohhh Piley you bastard :-), you know my stamp collecting comment was a sarcastic responce to the guy that suggested buses as a topic, as in "what next fackin' stamp collecting". Adopts Blakey from On The Buses voice "I'LL GET YOU PILEY" :-).

Oh man JESSE HECTOR !!!!! i take my hat off to you Mondo. I've been a big fan of Jesse for a number of years now and i was chuffed to hear some one else giving him the thumbs up and giving a tune a spin. When people talk about pre punk stuff they always mention NY Dolls, MC5, Stooges, Dr Feelgood , Eddie and the Hot Rods etc (and quite right too) but never go on to rave about Jesse Hector and i just don't understand why. The Gorilla Garage CD is among my fave disc's of all time , Killer. Check out further CD's Gorilla Got Me by Hammersmith Gorillas and Uncrushed by Crushed Butler for more Jesse treats mate.

As for the rest thats great too , old faves of mine by Beach Buggy and Soundgarden (both brilliant), a great Beatles tune , a mad surf/jazz/mexican sounding tune with killer guitar (the artist has escaped me), superb Ella funky Jazz and even the Divine Comedy track was ok (and i hate them). All in all what's not to like, even better than the first one.


Cocktails said...

I've already raved and suggested missed summer tracks over on Mondo's site, but I wanted to say that I really liked the Divine Comedy track. I've never really got into them, but maybe I'll have to think again...

Your cat was very good too - can I request a special guest appearance next time as well?

Mondo said...

Is that you or the cat to make a guest appearance Cocktails?

Cocktails said...

Well, I meant the cat, but now that you mention and my Teenage Fanclub/Fleetwood Mac/Whitney Houston records are always available.

Don't worry, only joking!

Mondo said...

We may doing one on sizes soon - and I've playlisted one of your 'Song of the Week' tunes for it (give you a credit for it of course)

Istvanski said...

Just got around to listening to the first one you did with Mondo - themed stuff is the way to go. I loved those covers - yes, was it 'Neil Sedaka Rocks' album you were reffering to?

More odd covers here (including Frank Zappa's "Stairway To Heaven" - a full brass section doing the guitar solo): io/DEPCAST9.mp3

Piley said...

Hi all... just got myself back in the land of the interweb!! Turned out to be the motherboard that bit the dust...

Carl... oh it was a joke... sorry mate ;-) Must confess Jesse was a new one on me, but I liked what I heard. Will be investigating him for sure.

Cocktails - I can't overstate how good the divine comedy are. Really really intelligent lyrics, clever instrumentation and a sense of humour too. All the albums are good, the more recent 'Absent Friends' is a nice 'big' sound, and just about out-Walkers Scott Walker! The cat doesn't come cheap, not sure if our budget will stretch to a repeat performance. If you can secure a pack of cat treats we might be able to do a deal!

Istvanski - thanks for the feedback. Will be checking out those tempting covers v soon!


Anonymous said...

Another winner. Obviously I was a bit disappointed not to hear Quo's version of 'Ice in The Sun' or The Dogs 'How Come it Never Rains'. Still, another enjoyable hour spent listening to music I wouldn't normally have heard along with yet more jolly banter in between. You definitely sounded more relaxed this time round. Must have been the chilli popcorn.

Dan said...

Another entertaining yet informative podcast.

The thing I like most is the way that you're able to take information which, due to nanny-state Government interference, is no longer taught in our schools - redneck games, the world of bacon-related consumables, etc - and make it accessible to a wider audience. Kudos to you both for that.

On a side note, I believe that we have our very own redneck games here in Essex. Once a year, a wicker man is erected on Canvey Island, filled with a selection of non-locals and set ablaze to avert widespread flooding for another year. While the air fills with the scent of burning hair and nylon, the islanders spin like dervishes, see how far they can spit chicken nuggets, and launch themselves bodily into inflatable paddling pools of Toffee Crisp McFlurry.

The entire event is then rounded off by the annual 'running of the pitbull'.

It's a fabulous, family-friendly event that I thoroughly recommend. Hopefully, you'll find the time to cover it in a future podcast.

Until then, keep 'em coming.


Anonymous said...

I always knew there was some thing dodgy about Canvey Island :-).


phsend said...

Cheers guys, another informative 35 minutes lol :)

Really liked the Beatles track, have heard it before but not for ages.

Reminded me a bit of Lazy Old Sun from Something Else by the Kinks.

Really liked the Summertime Blues cover and the Beach Buggy track too.

They say that most farmers are drug addicts but finding the evidence is like looking for a....


Piley said...

Anon - thanks. I think we're getting the hang of it now, but chilli popcorn doesnt come cheap! Will dig those tracks out for next summers poddy perhaps!

Dan - Why thank you good man! A friend came up with the idea of a 'desert island discs' podcast, but changing the title to Canvey Island Discs... so perhaps i can include some of this, frankly shocking infor in that! (you been on the sherbets again??!)

Carl - wanna buy a new car? one lady owner, luvlee condition...

Cheers PH - to be honest, I think you finding 35 minutes that were good is the record, so well done on that!! We'll aim to give you 40 mins next time (but it may have to be a 3 hour podcast!)


Anonymous said...

Not all Islanders are chavs or inbreeds you know! Me and my kids Rocky and Chanel and my staff terrier love it here