Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Podrophenia - Show 1!

Well, we've been talking about it for some time, but last Thursday evening, those good people at Planet Mondo and I got together to record our inaugural podcast - Podrophenia!

We're hoping it will be the first of a semi-regular affair, and each show will have a different theme.... Show 1 has the theme of 'cover versions'. I'm not giving too much away here, but there's 10 stomping tracks for you to enjoy, where amongst others, some huge 90's Britpopers cover Rod, and then returning the favour, Rod covers Britpop! There's Beatles toonage, Jackson beats, Bugsy Malone madness and much more, all linked together with inane, unscripted waffle!

This podcast is now only available as an iTunes download. You can grab this and every other Podrophenia show for free here:  Podrophenia on iTunes




Kolley Kibber said...


I'm there!

marmiteboy said...

Now that was I call a Podcast mate. Really good stuff. Great music and banter. I'll be thinking up themes for you soon.

Kolley Kibber said...

You're better than Collings and Herrin! Fine selection of music, and not a single mention of 'bumming'. And that Japan cover is one of my all-time favourites of all time.


Anonymous said...

Really good guys. Nice and natural and some cool tunes, i own and love the Japan and Rod ones (that first Japan album is killer me thinks)and i enjoyed the Beatles cover , Blur's stab at Maggie May too. Also a garage punk stab at Like A Rolling Stone, brilliant. Nice to hear Dylan getting a slagging too Mondo's comments made me laugh out loud. Couple of tunes made me cringe but i'm not saying what (you cant like every thing eh? :-)Good stuff !!!!.


Mondo said...

We've had suggestion from Davy H - 'Songs About Buses' Tough stuff, but I reckon we could pull it off..

Can I bagsy if gets green-lighted..

Ticket To Ride (5th Dimension or Brian Bennet)
Up The Junction
You Can Ring My Bell (Reggae versh)
National Express
Do The Bus Stop

Mondo said...

BTW found this little nugg' for you

Valentine Suicide said...

Great stuff! You and Mondo are good company. Keep 'em coming!

Piley said...

ISBW - Thanks for giving it a go! That Japan track has always been one of my favourites...

Marmite - Cheers Fella! glad you approve. Just as well, I think there could be more of this ol tat heading your way!!

Thanks Carl - 'hit and miss' could be our stage name mate! Can't give you ten stormers now can we??! Gotta spread it about a bit! I'm pretty sure you would have hated the Metallica cover, but I think its genius!

PM - that sounds like fightin talk...
- red light spells danger?
- where the streets have no name? (a bugger to be driving a bus round that town... shit, tough gig..)
- on the road again?
- King of the road?
- didn't the Hollies do a song called Bus Stop? (it was one of those 60's bands if it wasn't them!)

Right, that's show 2 in the can... ;-)

Cheers for the Smiley Lewis track, see, I never made him up!

VS - Many thanks for the comments, really appreciated, especially as this is our maiden voyage and all that...


Heff said...

The Jackson tune cracked me up. You guys have accents, and are British ! Who knew, lol !!!

Anonymous said...

I will give this a spin after I comment, which probably doesn't make any sense. Anyway, first Co, and now you! Dammit, now I might have to throw my hat into this arena. I've long heard I have that radio voice, might have to try it out.

Wil Harrison.com

Cocktails said...

It's brilliant. Loved it (although I'm not convinced by Rod's take on Oasis, sorry Mondo).

When's the next one then?

Anonymous said...

Do you know what put me off the Metallica cover ? the female backing vocals, made me want to break some thing, really agitated me. The rest of the tune was well clever he's done some great covers Mr Cheese.Music is personal stuff and one man's stormer is another man's duffer. I like 7 out of the 10 tunes mate thats pretty good squire.


Col said...

Oh my god I've started a trend!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap Piley, you sound just like Terence Stamp!

Wil Harrison.com

Piley said...

Heff - thanks for listening... actually, it's YOU lot that have the accent, we don't have one!! Did you hear the crazy Metallica cover??! I think this could be the future for Butlik!!

Wil - What a coincidence! I've been told on many occasion that I have the perfect face for radio... I wonder what they mean... Terrance Stamp??! Could I charge money to record peoples answer phone messages and the like??!

Cocktails - That's great! So pleased you liked it! Next one will be sooner rather than later I think... certainly expect to see another in July! (not sure if that's good news or bad!)

7 out of 10 is amazing going Carl! Even I didn't like that many, and I picked half of em!! ;-)

Col - indeedy... what the hell have you started??!


phsend said...

Hi Piley

I downloaded it last night and played it in the early hours so my memories a bit hazy.

I remember laughing out loud a good few times and really liking One Night of Sin.

I'm going to listen properly again tonight.

Good job chaps :)

rockmother said...

Loved it Piley - really loved it. Hope you will both do more. Spose I ought to get around to doing another romo for real myself soon!

Anonymous said...

Loved it. A great way to listen to music I wouldn't normally have done or I wasn't even aware of. All of that + a bit of jolly banter in between. I even liked the metallica cover but that may be because I'm not really a big metallica fan. Looking forward to the next one.