Thursday, 11 June 2009

Take The Piley Challenge!

Quizzes are all the rage at the mo, and far be it from me to miss out on a bandwagon headin' my way!

So, woncha take a couple of minutes to try out the Piley Challenge? 10 multiple choice questions, EVERY answer has appeared in a blog post at one time or another, so lets see who the stalkers are out there!! If anyone gets 80% correct or over I'll stick the names in a hat and award a prize!! No idea what it'll be though!

Just click here and have a go... oh and it wont ask you for real names, e-mail addresses or any personal information (do please add a user name or nickname tho, so I know who to send the prize too!).

Readers of a certain age might like to watch this clip before starting the quiz... to really get themselves in the mood... (my quiz isn't from Norwich though, sorry...)

Good Luck!!



Furtheron said...

30--- shite :-)

Live from Norwich

Anonymous said...

Piley, I've only been over here recently and did not look back at any archives and got a 60%!


Anonymous said...

I got 80% hey i know you but i'm not obsessed ok ha :-).


Jonathan said...

LOL.... I've never been here before but I thought I'd try out your quiz...

Plus I'm sitting at work with a Scotsman right next to me, so I figured I had a decent chance at some good guess on some of the uk related q's

I guess I'll have to do like the quiz advice says and read up on some previous posts

Kolley Kibber said...

Oh bum, a mediocre 50%.

Very interested in that tattoo...

Mondo said...

80% couple of school boy errors but I know the tattoo one though - I've seen it..

Piley said...

Further - eBalling??!! Can't believe you fell for that one!!! Cheers for having a go tho.

Wil - Man, I LOVE it when a stalker is quick on the uptake ;-) You are either very lucky at multiple choice or I need to start worrying!

Carl - I bet you got those 2 wrong on purpose, just so I didn't start to panic. You went for eBalling too huh?! I'm gonna have to invent eBalling now!

Hi Jonny M - 30% is pretty good for someone who has never visited my blog before!! Thanks for having a go, and hope to see you back here sometime.

I Should - As with all good PC 'sports days' and stuff, this is not about winning or losing, its about 'taking part' and camaraderie... or something ;-) You got the Sinatra ticket one right, which pretty much EVERYONE got wrong. Not a particularly faltering picture of me (I look like I just woke up after a heavy night!) or the tatt, but it's the only one I have! you can see me and Bettie here

Mondo - Was counting on you man! We coulda rigged this quiz, you get 100%, I buy you a beer down the pub, everyone's happy... now I may have to find a prize for someone!!! ;-)

Thanks too to everyone else who's had a go so far. Current scoreboard is as follows:

1 Martin 80
2 Bint 80
3 Carl 80
4 planet mondo 80
5 mark 70
6 Wil 60
7 Chirsty 50
8 JD 50
9 why am i doing this? 50
10 ISBW 50
11 Some Guy 50
12 Axe 40
13 John 30
14 Furtheron 30
15 jonny m 30
16 nazz nomad 20


Heff said...

Jesus Piley, I'M SORRY.

I deserve a spanking.

- a SOLID 20 %, lol !

Mondo said...

It was Frank ticket and first gig I blew it on

Word Veri was - dicluv! Yikes

Anonymous said...

E Balling sounds so good i had to go for it. What was the other one i got wrong ? size of Piley's man hood ? (known only by Julie and a thousand turkish whores :-).


Keano said...

Too many Gino's mate!