Thursday, 27 September 2007

That eBay Thang

Who else remembers the carefree halcyon days of eBay, when you could get just about anything you wanted; rare bootleg CDs, unofficial DVDs of concerts recorded from the crowd, Nazi memorabilia, even a bit of under the counter smut -- it was all there!

Then two or three years ago, eBay started to get tough, and 'inappropriate' listings were removed….. eventually. To the shrewd seller it was a small inconvenience, as a carefully timed auction (lasting no longer than three days) usually completed before the eBay police spotted it. But in the last year or so, nothing. How did eBay get so shit hot at spotting snide listings? With something like 4 million auctions on the go at any one time, I find it incredible that they can now weed them so accurately and effectively. I don't know what they've done, but I'm pleased to see that there are some sellers out there still trying to get one over on them.

eBay may now have the inappropriate listings sewn up, but the inappropriate accompanying photo appears to be the last remaining thorn in their side. There are always a large number of innocent looking auctions on eBay, but buyers beware, there is a growing trend for sellers to 'accidentally' photograph themselves in the nude in the accompanying picture. The goods in question here are usually (but not always) silver/chrome kitchenware with a high polish finish. Look closer at the reflection in that toaster you had your eye on, are you sure you still want it??!

The craze now even has a name, reflectoporn, a sure sign that incidents are on the increase. eBay are powerless to stop this abuse, as exhibitionist's around the world target the biggest site on the net to, a-hem, offer their wares.

Always good to see the little man (and judging by some of the examples I've seen, the 'not so little' man) getting one over on the corporates, but sadly, the sterling silver sugar tongs that I won last week, will alas now never be used.

I urge you to click on the images posted here for a better view (the dining table is genius!), but beware, you'll never view eBay in quite the same way again!


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Mondo said...

Cripes Alive! You've rumbled me!

I'm gonna have to starting digging around for more these Ebay exhibitionists - it's like carry on candid camera

Anonymous said...

thanks for the warning piley, how could i ever risk a 2nd hand toaster now? Cool post!


Axe Victim said...

Yup, it took me just over a new york minute to get the dining table image. Sweet. Good blog.

Piley said...

Thanks for the comments! I have a number of pics I didn't use in the post, so if people are keen, perhaps a Reflectoporn II post is a go'er!

Anonymous said...

Well you've already scared me, so why not put me off e-bay for life?! Be interested to see more (in a peeping at a car crash way).

E F RICE said...

I've had a word with my brother about the Dining Room scene Piley. He won't do it again (amazing what you can do with the zoom device eh ?)

Piley said...

EF - if that was your brother, one assumes it was up for sale a few years back eh?