Monday, 10 September 2007

Hello and Welcome!

Hi there to you,

Maybe you are a personal friend, checking out my blog, perhaps you followed a series of links and ended up here, maybe it was random surfing, or did you MEAN to click on the curvy temptress above me and miss?? however you got here, welcome, why not spend a few minutes clickin around, and perhaps pop back from time ta time.

I have a lot to write about (music, films, books, comics, life...) and some quirky ideas that i'd like to share with you.

Hope to see ya back here real soon!



Mondo said...

Good to see you here -looking forward to some tasty nuggets - Carry On Blogging

Mondo said...
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Anonymous said...

welcome aboard Piley, will indeed pop back to see what you're up to in the near future.

good luck and happy blogging.

System Z

Anonymous said...

Piley, interesting comparison. So glad I got a divorce from Rod Stewart when he left The Faces.


PS so which category does Sputnik(2) fit?

Anonymous said...


marmiteboy said...

Welcome To The Monkey House.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Piley,

Nice blog, looking forward to reading some more of your views, its good to see a 30 something come out and admit his love for the simple things in life like comics. I always wanted to grow up to be Spiderman and was really disappointed when this didn't happen, your blog has given me hope for the future. Keep them coming a very good read.

Oh one other thing what about bands that you would only do from behind with a bag on there head. You know the ones that everyone sings along to probably has one or two of the records but is really ashamed about it. cough M Jackson cough

Anonymous said...

Just got to your Blog 'Start the Revolution Without Me' by an odd Google search! Have just read the whole site and really enjoyed it - a good take on some interesting subjects. Will be sure to drop by again.

Ed Jefferson (USA)