Saturday 30 July 2011

Podrophenia - Show 19.... Colours

As we continue our attempt to try and catch up with ourselves on podcasting the 'Radio Podrophenia' shows, Mondo and I bring you another to add to the collection! Our 3rd radio show, recorded, uploaded and renamed 19! (i'm sure all this made sense at one point).

Show 19 was recorded on 14th June, with a theme of Colours. Inbetween our Ten Technicolour Tunes there is plenty of the obligatory random chat, where amongst other things you'll find out what the top bizzare health remedies are... you never know when you may need to eat a spiders web! The Morrissey Conga picks up a pace, Dan Dan the bacon man has his jingle unveiled, and the show gets taken over with vegetable relate tunes and bands. The story in Piley's newsround has an unfortunate end in the next show. And stick around right to the end to hear what could possibly be the most popular lonely hearts advert ever!

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Artog said...

As the podrophenia posts keep coming I must say I'm as impressed by your and Mondo's tee shirt collections as your record collections. I had a very similar Triumph one (mine had a picture of the bike on it though, in homage to Bob on the cover of Highway 61 Revisited). The mother in law shrank it in the wash after which my wife took to wearing it and then spilled chicken tikka massala all down it. Sad end to a great tee shirt.

Piley said...

haha! Hope to get back to some 'normal' posts at some point, but the 400% increase in Podrophenia's has had a detrimental effect on bloggin!

My Triumph shirt is a homage to Steve McQueen and Mickey Dolenz! Both fine wearers of the shirt!

A sad end indeed to yours Sir. RIP...


John Medd said...

It's that tipping point when a shirt goes from being cock of the walk to a painting shirt.

Yes, your (temporary?) retirement from blogging is a sad loss Piley.

Also, and sorry to sound like a broken gramophone, but are those Millipede boys in a position to send me my CD anytime soon? I keep waiting for Postman Pat every morning only to find the 'album of the year' is not there.

Piley said...

Hopefully temporary JM... Loads of bits and bobs I've wanted to blog, but just seem to have run out of time.

After numerous disasters, I believe the CD's were going out today, so keep em peeled! Let me know eh?