Sunday, 31 July 2011

Podrophenia - Show 20.... The Letter A

Show 20 went out on 21st June and was the first of the Podrophonic Alphabet.... starting, rather predictably, with the Letter A.

In a jam packed show we chat about Paul Weller's new barnet, an ex-Ant pops in to give us the lowdown on Live Aid and the Ant tune played in the show, celebs in mundane places, more conjoined bands, winter ice creams, plus some of the most unfortunate names in the country.

Oh, and the last shows news item comes back to haunt us, as a listener kindly (?!) sends in a taste test treat! Piley's newsround gets the last minute 'switcheroo' treatment, as a listener supplies a better story than the one I had lined up! But you'll have to download it to find out what it was...

A chance to catch up... or if you did tune in, a chance to listen again!

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