Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Bit Harsh?

Today we went to the Cash and Carry (for which I have a rather dubious ticket) to stock up on the 'professional' size packets of washing powder... They are the size of a small bungalow, but boy do we get through the stuff!!

The outrageous sizes of some of the professional 'catering' packets and containers never ceases to amaze (and amuse) me. I'm easily pleased, and there's nothing quite like a 5 litre jar of seafood sauce or English mustard to make me snigger... Check out these 10 litre (yes, TEN!) tubs of mayonnaise for example! These tubs are the same ones that professional painters and decorators buy of magnolia! I'd love to have one in the cupboard (with a teaspoon inside), just waiting for the day someone asks for a dollop of dressing on the side...

But I digress... whilst walking down the fizzy drink isle (yes, I WAS on my never ending quest for Root Beer!), I spotted these crates of Doctor Pepper... now I have to confess that this drink would never be at the top of my list, but i thought the labelling that the Cash & Carry had added was a little unfortunate, and unlikely to drum up sales either....


PS - sorry for the poor quality pictures, I only had my mobile phone with me...


Mondo said...

Or if you don't drink soft drinks - how about a mouthful of this

Cocktails said...

Well, they got that name right! Does anyone actually like that stuff?!

Kolley Kibber said...

Root beer is bad brew. The one they used to do in Mcdonalds gave my squeeze a 'frozen bowel' (not literally, but still quite nasty.).

I'd love one of those giant buckets of mayo, even though I hate the stuff. I've got fantasies of emptying one over my old boss.

Piley said...

Mondo - blimey!

Cocktails - I'm known to have a sip if there is nothing else available, but never by choice. Think i'd pick it before Iron Bru though... ugh

ISBW - I'm sure it's all organic and good for you n that these days!

I too aspire to a full bucket of mayo! I also like the look of 5 litres of ready mixed mint sauce!!! (really!)


Dan said...

Some years ago I moved into my first ever flat. My father, bless him, bought a load of stuff over for me that he'd acquired for the place - crockery, pots, pans, etc. He'd also been to the cash and carry and picked up a few tasty comestibles.

The details of what he bought escape me, but the one thing that sticks in my mind was the 2 litre tub (rather measly in comparison to the behemoths you witnessed) of garlic mayonnaise.

The unfortunate thing was, there was a best before date and, once opened, the thing had to be consumed relatively quickly.

Thus it was that for a period of about a month, I had garlic mayonnaise with everything.
Breakfast? Toast, scrambled eggs, garlic mayonnaise.
Lunch? Sandwiches slathered with garlic mayonnaise.
Dinner? Anything drier than garlic mayonnaise, drenched in garlic mayonnaise.

I ate two litres of it in 30 days and I must have stank like a polecat. As I recall, it was around the same time that my girlfriend dumped me, but I'm sure the two incidents are completely unrelated...

Piley said...

It could only happen to you Dan!! Why the hell did you feel the need to actually consume the whole 2 litres??! And what an odd choice for your dad to buy... surely 2 litres of ketchup, brown sauce or even straight mayo would have had a better fighting chance??! Or was your dad just a little evil?!!!


NoIdea said...

I can't say I've ever tried root beer, but Ginger Beer, well that's a different story. I love the stuff. I've even been known to partake in the odd Dandelion and Burdock.

Heff said...

I'd be glad to send you ALL the Dr. Pepper you want.

Heff's Bar And Grill re-opens in 24 hours. PARTY !!!

phsend said...

I worked in a cash and carry once. My supervisor told me that it was standard practice to do as little as possible and spend as long as possible doing it.

It set me in good stead for my current employer I guess.

I don't mind Root Beer, Dr Peppers or Amaretto - its all good.

Piley said...

Marko - Ginger Beer?? Dandelion and Burdock??! You and Mondo would get on like a house on fire. Not a fan of Ginger Beer at all, D&B I can do when there's no Doctor Pepper! But fortunately I rarely get that far down the list!!

Heff - you can keep yer bleedin' Doctor Pepper!! Send large quantities of Root Beer Sir!

PH - and from what I hear you've carried out the advise to the letter from that day forward... It's lovely to hear of such motivational stories from ones employer isn't it?!!! I bet that set you up for life!


Kolley Kibber said...

Dan's story is a thing of beauty. Working his way grimly through two gallons of mayo, rather than hurt his Dad's feelings by scraping it down the sink. That's love, that is.

Piley said...

Its a lovely picture isn't it ISBW??! If it wasn't bad enough to be eating gallons of sauce, it had to be gallons of garlic flavoured sauce! Genius!

The only thing about Dans reply that annoyed me a little was that once again his comment was better than the original post... bastard.


Nazz Nomad said...

How many people's arteries would all that mayo clog?
I HATE mayo. I hate mayo like I hate Bin Laden and Dick Cheney and Phil Collins.
And I really really really hate Bin Laden and Dick Cheney and Phil Collins.

Piley said...

Nazz I think we have a couple of options... I think the best would be to contact Dan (or Dans Dad!) and see if we can up the ante somewhat on the last purchase... say a 10 litre tub of garlic mayo?

Failing that, perhaps we could convince Bin Laden, Dick Cheney and Phil Collins to partake in an important scientific experiment?!