Thursday 17 December 2009

Podrophenia - Show 7... A Slice of Christmas Podding!

Why not grab a mince pie and join Mondo and me round the open fire for our Yuletide Party Pod! And we've got some special guests along for the ride too, as fellow bloggers Marmite Boy and Coops join in the festive fun.

Listen in on a Christmas Cracker consumer test, talk of disappointing and\or inappropriate gifts, worst festive toons and much more. Oh and there's yet another outing for the feature that just won't die (no matter how hard we try!) Wood-Watch! And in between all that old waffle you'll find 10 Christmas Crackers for you to listen to, and not a turkey in sight!
The sound quality is perhaps a little rougher round the edges than usual, due to the party going on in the background at Mondo Manor, and the fact that 4 of us were sharing 2 microphones! But I hope you enjoy it none the less.

Now here's an extra quiz to keep you quiet... there's 8 celeb messages throughout the podcast, can you identify who all of them are??!!

Finally, a MASSIVE thank you to Paul Oddsock for the amazing artwork that he created especially for this podcast - (do please 'double-click' it, to view in all its glory!) cheers Paul!

Listen Here:

Or Download Here:
Podrophenia 7 - Christmas Podding

Oh and don't forget we're also available via iTunes these days too... gawd knows how or why!

Merry Christmas!



Coop said...

Just finished listening to it, sounds great. Thanks to you and Mondo for letting me be part of it. Enjoying the festivities.

Kolley Kibber said...

I listened to the first half hour while trudging through the snow on Brighton seafront first thing this morning. Lovely. And I'd have broken into a dance for that first number, if I hadn't had to concentrate on staying upright.

Axe Victim said...

Wonderful show. Best yet. Sounded like a proper crimbo show. I listened to it while out Christmas shopping.

Piley said...

Nice one Coops - good to have you on board mate... anything to make us look a bit better is always welcome!!!

ISBW - That's great! Glad you are enjoying it!! Can't beat a bit of Crimbo Brian Setzer can you??! And snow too??!!

Hey Axe - The ideal partner for the Christmas 'big shop' eh??! Pleased it tickled ya baubals!


Anonymous said...

Not sure i should risk this i'm a notorious bah humbug person when it comes to most xmas tunes.


Piley said...

come on Ebenezer, risk one ear!!!

You know our selections arn't always qite as obvious as you might expect, so it's not ALL Wizzard, Mud n GLitter!!!


Martin said...

There you go, another stunner. A great atmosphere and, as usual, some more great tracks. Still trying to find a copy of the Shonen Knife one. Last great Christmas single I bought was obviously Rolf 'n' Ricks Christmas In the Sun. Thought it was the Christmas number one for sure.

Piley said...

glad you enjoyed this one Martin... hope it got you in the mood for a right royal knees up this yuletide!


Coop said...

Dave invited me along to The Elms Tuesday night and said that the form was to do a CD of songs that are new to me for 2009. I've done one, how many copies do I need to do and do I need to get them to you before Tuesday or should I bring them along? Have a great Xmas.