Saturday, 5 December 2009

Christmas Lights

Personally, I've always found those houses lit up by a million light bulbs at Christmas to be tacky. And that theory that the more light bulbs you add, and the more Santa's and reindeer you can perch on the roof the better it looks... is also unfounded. The truth is actually quite simple - the more you add the more chavy it becomes!!

Still, I reckon I'm only 2 years away (at most) before our son starts requesting that Piley Towers becomes a rival to the Blackpool illuminations... So I'd better start working on my excuses. This picture came through by e-mail during the week... But I can't see Piley Junior buying it as a compromise!



Anonymous said...

Totally agree. There's a few in Sheffield that should be reported to the bad taste police! I think there's also one house in Manchezter where folks actually travel up by coach, just to see!
If I see any on my travels, i'll be sure to photograph.


Mondo said...

Love the pic. I think I mentioned this yesterday, but a shame they've upgraded Leigh lights to some generic look. The trad ones were hopeless but heartwarming : snowflakes with stems missing, Santa with a flicky leg, holly that looked like a half finshed dot~to~dot.

Do you remember the fake 'web' stuff from Woolworths to make tree lights look soft focus?

Axe Victim said...

My kids are 9 and 11 and as such we are a total chavhouse come Christmas. Also, where I live, in Chaville, every house around us is lit up like like Roaeanne Barr's at this time of year. Sometimes ya just gots ta give up and roll with the kidz. Mind you, I'm not terribly keen on their idea of an inflatible snowman this year. What would the neighbours think... It'll come mate. It'll come soon enough.

Martin said...

Gotta admit I do like a few lights but prefer to see it tastefully done. Some of these places look horrendous. Fortunately most of the places round our way are very well done and it does brighten things up for a while. Not sure what the green lobby would say about all the energy that's being used. Still, if you can't be a big kid at Christmas when can you?

Kolley Kibber said...

"Santa with a flicky leg".

That'll keep me laughing all day.

Furtheron said...

stick to your guns... he'll grow out of it quickly and then you'll eb there putting them all up and he'll be saying "Dad - that is so uncool" :-)

E F RICE said...

Look mate I suffered a Chuckle Brothers pantomine last year and have had a near miss with a Brian Conley 'Cinderella' experience this year (fortunately Miss EFR is going with a school trip).

So my advice is accept it all as a bit of fun and develop an excuse regarding your electricity supply and limit on lights now ...... it works a treat !

Piley said...

Mark - Oh yeah, get some classic OTT photos up on your blog mate! A sure fire winner!

Mondo - Thos Leigh lights had deffo seen better days, but know what you mean, kinda traditional in the end... i'm sure they could have just replaced his flicky leg too!

Is that snow stuff the same stuff people used to spray on their windows?? We did it once, it wouldn't come off for months!

Axe - I know it will mate, that's the worry! Better start saving for the electricity bill now!

Martin - Sometimes if it's all done in just white lights it can look nice, but its the garish colours, inflatable snowmen, and the use of every inch of space that kills it.

ISBW - it was VERY flick too!

Further - haha! Yeah, I guess I gotta make the most of it while I can eh?! Even if you do end up being able to spot Piley Towers from the moon!

EFR - great tip, i'll break it to him tomorrow.... ;-)


Anonymous said...

I told my kids a flat NO and that was that lol. Cant be arsed with it and i hate the way xmas is forced on us all by mid November by the time it arrives you are sick of it and never want to hear Slade again lol.


Piley said...

haha! Looks like you n me'll both be getting a visit from the ghost of Christmas past eh??! Bah!