Saturday 27 August 2011

Podrophenia - Show 22.... Animals

Getting well behind with these! There has been a real effort to catch up with the podcasts of the shows. Only a week or two behind now, and before long we hope that the podcast will be available a few days after the show goes out.

Show 22 went out on 5th July with the theme of Animals, and was an 'all listener' chosen set list - so if it sucks, you can't blame us for once!

In related news, find out the loudest animal in the world, listeners send in their animal related horror stories (most of which seemed to revolved around the same zoo funny enough!), and there are 3 bacon related taste tests on offer, courtesy of Dan the bacon man.

Pileys newsround provides all the latest gossip on the hot dog eating championships a few days earlier, and the Morrissey conga is showing no signs of letting up!

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