Thursday, 29 October 2009

Podrophenia - Show 5... Halloween Special!

Why not celebrate Halloween in style with the official Piley and Mondo Podrophenia podcast??!

For this show only we've suspended the usual features and 'ol nonsense to bring you some scary tales and creepy anecdotes from both the recent and distant past, a number of which are local tales..... like this one for example:
and just what went on at this place in the 1300's??

and what self respecting kid of the 70's could resist collecting these??!

All this plus 10 super spooky toons that'll take you to hell and back....

This podcast is now only available as an iTunes download. You can grab this and every other Podrophenia show for free here:  Podrophenia on iTunes




Cocktails said...

That Southend werewolf story is brilliant. The poor guy - I wonder what he's up to now (or more to the point on October 31). It all happens down your way!

Piley said...

a gem yes! Couldnt make it up could you??! Last I heard he was still living in Southend... will keep an eye open for him on Saturday.


Kolley Kibber said...

That old photo - is it Borley Rectory?

Martin said...

Is there anything we haven't had in Southend. First Laurel and Hardy and now werewolves. I don't know whether to pack my camera and authograph book or garlic and silver bullets when I go out now. Another great hour of chat and music. Loved the True Blood track. It's been growing on me since I started watching the series.

Piley said...

ISBW - yes, thats the place!! Not long before it burnt to the ground...

Thanks Martin, glad you liked it. I'd pack both just to be on the safe side!