Monday, 27 October 2008

@rsehole @lert

So there I was, late last Wednesday evening, bashing out a post about wee Johnny Rotten's crappy adverts. By 9am the following morning I've had 100+ hits and 7 comments... great I thinks, until I read em... Looks like my post may have hit a raw nerve with a die hard JR fan, refusing to believe their hero could possibly sell out. Whoever it was, they had taken umbrage with Start The Revolution Without Me! and the word must have been out on some forum to bombard me with comments (there was also some jiggery-pokery going on, that meant the website that the link was coming from was masked in my stats information). I mean, it's not that the comments were rude or anything like that, they were just rubbish! Random rubbish! Then I spots that some of my older posts have had random rubbish added to their comments too!

At lunchtime I can access the site, and promptly delete all these outpourings of a imbecile, I change my comments settings so that I have to approve them before they go live, and that's that. Despite this, the hard of thinking still waste much of their valuable time submitting more random rubbish throughout the day! I take great delight in reviewing and deleting each one!

By the end of Thursday I'm delighted to see my hits counter top 500 for one day! (and close on 1000 page views!) I mean fair play to whoever it was who did this, I've pimped and hawked some of my posts on all sorts of websites and forums over the last year, but never to the success of 500 hits in a day! I start to think if I can employ this genius in the PR department here at Piley Towers. I turn in on Thursday evening a happy man, moderating the comments section is a small price to pay for such an increase in traffic! Friday again brings brisk business, although not as busy as Thursday, and the weekend stats too were well above average.

So, to whom it may concern, a sincere thank you for all your efforts in helping to promote this blog and all who sail in her, it's much appreciated. Fresh from the success of last weeks post, I'll shortly be starting a new feature where I knock other celebs with a hardcore following.

Next week: David Bowie, what a c%£$!


PS - Sorry to all regular comment providers, the 'moderating comments' setting will remain for the time being. Do please stick with it.


Nazz Nomad said...

want to drive up your traffic? do a post saying that g.w. bush is a wonderful human being and that dick cheney drinks from the teat of human kindness.

rockmother said...

Oh god - what a pain - hope it sorts itself out.

Mondo said...

funnily enough I've just posted about Bowie - but not saying he's a count or anything like that

Anonymous said...

Those rubbish, moronic posts you deleted, a couple of them were mine you git :)

I think it might have been the work of the notorious Krankies mafia. You offended them too I recall!


Anonymous said...

It was probably Lydon mate !!!! (or Nora). Dont let the arse holes grind you down sir.


Piley said...

cheers everyone...

Nazz - surely NOBODY would believe that one eh?!

thanks RM - things will be back to normal some day (i hope!)

that's a great selection of treats you've got going over on your blog PM... quality toonage!

PH - i always had the sender down as a 'bit special', can't believe i didn't think of you much earlier (!). If it's the Karankies mafia i could be ok, if it's the Jimmy Cricket mob... i've had it.

ta Carl, i'll try to!


Axe Victim said...

Oh how wonderful. I too have tried thsi trick without much sucsess. I might have to try it to see if can get my stats counter through the roof. Thanks for the heads up.

Heff said...

Hell, I'm use to being moderated, lol !