Sunday, 29 June 2008

Cheesy Choonsday: More Sitar Grooves

Following on from the last edition of Cheesy Choonsday, i'm bringing you two more sitar treats...

Gianpiero Reverberi is an Italian pianist and composer, and it was he that brought us Rondò Veneziano in the late 70's - remember them??! Renaissance-clobber wearing chamber orchestra, playing classical music in a rock styley (believe it or not, they are still going, and have cranked out over 70 albums!)... Back in the 60's though, Reverberi created this slice of genius, 'Sequence 36'. Not a heavy sitar driven track, but it's in the mix, and is a groovy little fella of the highest order. Reminds me of hazy smokey evenings at the Laurel Tree in Camden, circa 1994.

Gianpiero Reverberi - Sequence 36:

The second track is from Pakistani composer Sohail Rana, who in the 60's created some of the finest film soundtracks ever. This super-funky gem is called 'Soul Sitar'.

Sohail Rana - Soul Sitar:



Mondo said...

Blimey P - those are both top tunes. Soul Sitar is my fave out of the two, but I've never heard either before. Top work.

Axe Victim said...

I'm cheesed off - boom boom! I was getting impatient to use that line Piley old chap. More great stuff. When are you going to start sending off any articles for consideration?

Top stuff on the Tuesday dinner story mate. Thanks for that.

Piley said...

there's plenty more shite where these came from!!! keep em peeled for the next edition!