Saturday 24 May 2008

Marc Almond - Lavender

In my recent review of Marc live at Wilton's Music Hall, I mentioned the song Lavender, which at the show, was accompanied by a very striking slideshow, depicting a number of celebs and non-celebs alike, who in the past;

a) hid their sexuality for fear of losing their popularity (or just for fear); or

b) came out, and paid the consequences.

I've found that very slideshow, along with a demo version of Lavender. Have a look, and listen to the lyrics, it's pretty moving stuff.... oh, and note the two pictures of a young Marc that pop up in it too!




Anonymous said...
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ally. said...

fantabulosa heartface - ooh that dirk bogarde surely not

Anonymous said...

Both the song and the slideshow are great! I'd also add Freddie Mercury and mr. Brian Epstein, brilliant manager of the Beatles (who's rumored to have an affair with bicurious John Lennon).