Saturday, 17 November 2007

Reflectoporn: The Return

Of all the posts I've done over the past few months, there is one that I am always getting asked about... The one about people exposing themselves on e-Bay! (‘That eBay Thang').
It sparked dozens of e-mails, and I'm still getting them! mostly asking "what the hell am I supposed to be looking at in the table and chairs picture"!! If you too are still struggling on that one, I draw my learned friends attention to the top left hand corner of the photo...

The other question I keep getting asked is how I knew about it in the first place... I think people are implying that the only way I could know is because I participate!! Rest assured, it was just something I read about, it sparked my imagination and initiated quite a bit of investigation. I can often be found trawling the kitchenware on eBay, searching for toasters (looking for that elusive pop-up!). It is strangely addictive, and once you've spotted a fatboy with a camera in one hand, you're hooked!

So, by popular demand, here are a few more pictures from my collection. A few classics here, and as a special treat for my bloggin' buddy Axe Victim, I've included this guitar related one... although as a confirmed music lover rather than player, I'm not completely sure what part of a guitar it is... Axe??!

This Kettle picture is thought to be the instigation of the Reflectoporn phenomenon. That may or may not be true, but it was certainly the first to be spotted (how many have gone completely undetected?).

If on you travels through the land of eBay you happen to stumble on one of these pictures, be sure to drop me a line, but for now enjoy these - they are all 'clickable', and will enlarge for your viewin' pleasure!



Mondo said...

Do you remember that stealthy piece of similar I stumbled across in Our Price in the High St? - Some joker had taken a polaroid self portrait with one leg up on the chair in a state of 'inflammation' and hidden the pic inside a cd display case so when I opened the booklet - out tumbled the pic of ol' matey and his ol' fella. No wonder Our Price went bust.

PS - looks like your clustr maps locked up - mine too - Bah!

Axe Victim said...

Nice set of Grover tuners there Piley old mate. Judging from the serial number stamp, along with the mahogany wood pattern and the colour of the finish I'd say it was from either a Les Paul or a Gibson SG. But I'm such a fan of reflectoporn!

Piley said...

Thanks for the detail Axe, I must say, you've certainly lost a few pounds since those pictures were taken eh? ;-)