Thursday, 7 February 2008

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Hello bloggers and bloggettes, poor ol' Pileys unable to do any blogging at the moment, I'll let him give you all the details when he's back on the bounce. But in the meantime he's asked me to stop by as a guest blogger.

So I'm going to have a mumble, grumble and moan about certain voices that grate on me, the sort of singers that are hugely popular and sell by the sackload, but I find them about as listenable as dental drilling. People like those squiddly diddly 'Divas', Power Ballad lungbusters and X Factor autotune types but the real offenders on my list are...

Sophie Ellis Bextor - pretty as a pixie, but the bored nasal monotone drone of a pub Folk singer.

Neil Young - like Mickey Mouse hitting the helium.

Janis Joplin – as easy on the ear as a late night cat fight.

Ja Rule - the sound of a Rottweiler gargling broken bricks.

Dean Freidman - whiny whingemonger.

These are my nominations - but who would you put on a roll call of rotten singers?

If you need a break from a brainful of bad bellowing, why not pop over to my pieces of ol' puffery for some Funky nuggets, Punky rarities, Soul stompers, bootleg remixes and Youtube treats...

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Rob B said...

nice one mondo. I trust there is nothing too serious with piley?

how about Bonnie Tyler, Willie Nelson and the nasel wail that is Jools Holland?


Planet Mondo said...

Piley's doing fine, I'll add Simon Le Bon to the list too - that "why i i i i " bit on 'The Reflex'. Awful

E F RICE said...

Van Morrison and Shane MacGowan for me PM !

Planet Mondo said...

Axl Rose - ear shredding

Her from M People - she sounds like she's been poked in the throat.

Axe Victim said...

Send my regards to the chap?

Planet Mondo said...

Will do when I pop my CD of soothing sounds round featuring songs from ...

Sophie Ellis Bextor, Neil Young, Ja Rule, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Tyler, Willie Nelson, Van Morrison, Shane MacGowan, Simon Le Bon, Tony Hadley, Heather Small, Jon Anderson

That should help with his recovery

Anonymous said...

All traces of Rod Stewart & Lulu recordings should be destroyed forever. NY? Shame on you!

Piley said...

Hey Mondo - cheers for keeping the site tickin nicely with a couple of cracking posts!

Can't believe the mother of all iffy voices has not been mentioned though: