Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Guest Blogger - Planet Mondo - Public Information Films

Poor ol' Piley's still on the mend but is hoping to be back next week, until then it's me again - here to have a rumble about Public Information Films.

Do they still make them? I don't think I've ever seen a contemporary 'Take Care' TV shortie for years - they seemed to be everywhere up until the Eighties.

The 'Charlie Says' DVD released a few years ago, collected the best of the Sixties and Seventies PI films and is an absolute joy packed with educational gems from end to end. Yes, there's all the textbook safety subjects...

Crossing the Road - Green Cross Code and The Tufty Club,

Swimming - Rolf Harris'Get in the Swim' and 'Learn To Swim '

Driving - Think Once. Think Twice. Think Bike and 'Clunk Click'.

But the real revelation is the volume (over 150 on Vol. 1 alone), and depth of Health and Safety issues spoon fed to the public.....

Tidy up at night, the dangers of chip pans, polystyrene ceiling tiles and rugs on overly polished floors...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking these films, we could probably do with more of these punchy numbers today - mobile phones, dangerous dogs and stodge diets for starters.

Set dressed for earthy authenticity (apart from a few of the scenarios) these thumbnails capture an accurate snapshot of Seventies lifestyle and deliver all the detail lacking from the over dressed grotesques in shows like 'Life on Mars'. Why not treat yourself and have a peep at Billy Blunders with the great juxtaposition of "'ello me dandruffs back" and "me luck could be in 'ere" in the same sentence. (There's a complete set of shorts for each member of the Blunders family if you fancy filling your boots)

I Love the moment they've chosen to freeze frame at the end..

Or have a peep at the genuinly creepy Donald Pleasance as a Dark Rider/Grim Reaper in 'Lonely Water'

If you in the mood for more funky nuggets and youtube treats - why not pop over either of my pieces of ol' puffery for some Valentine's Day treats
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bleecher said...

I always remember 'the oldest cyclist in the world' one a cartoon of a proper colonial chap turning right on his bike ..... bizzare

Planet Mondo said...

That ones definitely on the DVD, there's over 300 on the double disc set.

Check for some more stills and reviews here

and here

Rob Banks said...

I remember Rolf Harris warning us all that we should learn to swim. If I recall it corectly, at the end he went under the water, resurfaced and did an almighty great spit back into the pool (in that way where thr water comes out much like a hose) nice. Not enough celebrity spitting these days.

E F RICE said...

Gr8 stuff PM and keep your pecker up Piley.

That last film scared the shite out of me ! It did get me thinking there is of course no need to warn children on the dangers of swimming in woodland lakes these days. After all they are all too busy on Playstations, texting, chewing gum in High Streets and generally hanging out not doing a lot. Perhaps a film on the dangers of these activities would be more apt ? Who would play the Grim Reaper ?

Planet Mondo said...

Rob The Rolf one is on the Charley says DVD (it's probably on you tube too). I've put a link to the 'Fairy Godmother /"Wish I could Swim"' cartoon in the post - see if you remember that one. How about Jo and Petunia and the country code - ring any bells?

There's loads of potentatial material for new ones. Jaywalkers with MP3 players/iPods. Muzzle your dog for pit bull rotty owners.
24 hour drinking. Grim Reaper - How about Ozzy Osbourne?

Piley said...

What about that dopey arse who was sitting on the sofa with a fag on?? tut tut indeed!

I do actually remember one about obesity! sortof... it was a kid getting fattened up by his mum, cakes, sweets, pop you name it, then it fast forwarded to some big ol bloke having a heart attack... not just me is it??!


Heff said...

I loved Donald Pleasance in the original "Halloween". Isn't he dead now ?

Andy said...

I remember and love those 70s public information films. Also, not that I can recall them first time around(!), how about those from the 40s and 50s, starring - and occasionally directed by - the hangdog-faced Richard Massingham? They still stand up as great comedic pieces even today.